Isotoner, from Erie Board of Trade EP by Bird Ate My Donut


Here we are again
You're too good to be my friend
But you dress like a catalog
Isotoner and London Fog
In imitation leather
And if you ask me nicely
We could dress for sunny weather

It grows on me
It grows on you
Not like I expected it to
Engineer a circumstance
I see London you see France
I could see you watching
From the back seat of your car
And if you ask me nicely
Maybe we wouldn't have to drive so far

You don't have to be afraid
I'm on my best behavior
You're curled up like a cannonball
I want to lay where the mortars fall
That's you and me together
And if you ask me nicely
I might wear your feather boa


from Erie Board of Trade, track released January 19, 2010




Bird Ate My Donut Chicago

With big guitars, and keyboards strangely reminiscent of video games, this Chicago foursome consistently brings the rock, as in rock music, not to be confused with Dwayne Johnson. Cause that would be weird.

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